If you draw the image of a triangle on a piece of paper and extend two lines from the apex, you in essence create duality from singularity. The duality in nature stems from the oneness of the supreme and our children are the true beacons of that cosmic energy all inscribed in their innocence. Of late, mankind has lost union with the Divinity and schisms are all what we can pass on to our future generations. We, at BPS, find ourselves largely envisaged with the idea and committed pledge of acting as an instrument to arm our beacons of lights i.e. our upcoming generations with the trait of segregating vices from the virtues.

Creating righteous, vivacious and socially relevant individuals in the classroom is not a utopian concept, but a tangible reality. All it takes is the honest commitment of the institution as a whole to make it happen! An atmosphere of spirit and confidence is amplified at BPS, by engraving doer attitude firmly on the young, breezy minds.

We optimistically look forward to our children turning into empowered, self-reliant and self-observant individuals while we not only stand along to witness this astounding process take its course, but contribute too to the best of our ability. That’s how we make our children march forward towards a brighter world of serenity and sanctity where there’s all light and light of virtues and no darkness at all!





BPS Narnaul