Joint Secretary Message

Dr. Karan Choudhary, Joint Secretary

There is this Hindi couplet about one’s confusion as to whom to prostrate before first if God and one’s beloved teacher were to appear simultaneously. Un-Argumentatively, the writer decided that the teacher would deserve the honour, for the teacher paved the way to know the Supreme. Though this verse has depleted in its contemporary relevance today, but the fact remains fact that knowledge is divine. It erodes the clouds of ignorance and I firmly believe that, as educators, it now becomes our imminent responsibility to create the renaissance of same teaching, learning and sharing knowledge incised in the couplet mentioned. For that matter, teachers and students need to get closer with a subtle and divine connection so that a suave transmission of wisdom can take place.

With the blessings of our Chairman respected Mahashay Ji, guidance of the supportive management and dedicated staff, I am sure no stone would be left unturned to make our children the future citizens of global community where the ethos of moral and ethical values in their life and character stays central!





BPS Narnaul