BPS, a never ending journey was started with the thought to provide better edcation system in the area where the students are not getting proper education. So, in order to provide better education to the students the Foundation Stone of the school was kept on 17th November 2005. Just after the four months the school started its very new session on 1st April 2006 & from that very first day school is running with grand success in every field by putting new milestones every ear. BPS is an English medium school, Affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi. BPS is the most growing school in the region with highly qualified and dynamic staffalong with latest education technology.
Contemporary education, management thought recognizes that human development occurs best in a conductive environment . BPS takes you one step further, provides a setting that enhances teaching-learning while simultaneously helping to create a new parasdigm for local environmental sustainability neccessary for each one of us

The aim of the school rest on the following principles:

  • A belief that all students have various talents that need encouragement to develop

  • A recognition that school should be a preparation for life in the fullest possible sense, that pupils do need a sound basis of knowledge, skill, competence & experience to equip them to cope with the many roles they will have to take on during their lives.

  • The need for a working environment which secures effective teaching, learning & values achievement by all the students in their social, moral, spiritual, cultural, mental & physical development.

  • Derive enjoyment for their learning which should extend their intellectual capacity, develops their interest & stimulate their curiosity.

  • Embrace the many opportunities afforded by development in information & communication technologies, whilst fully accepting the responsibilities that go with using them properly.

  • Show respect for each other & all people working in the school, and to appreciate the diverse talents that contribute our social community.

  • Play a major part in creating caring, supportive school environment.

  • Display self-discipline and proper regard for authority.

  • Foster good behavior & avoid all faults.





BPS Narnaul